Sunday, October 17, 2010

Break in the Haleigh Cummings case?

Recently Misty Croslin, the last person to see missing child Haleigh Cummings alive was sentenced to 25-years in prison for drug trafficking. Croslin was busted along with her brother Tommy Croslin and her ex-husband Ronald Cummings - who is the father of Haleigh.

Ronald Cummings was sentenced to 15-years for drug trafficking after snagging a plea deal. In exchange for a deal, Cummings gave up new information that he had been withholding from the police. Art Harris reported on "Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell" that Cummings gave up information concerning a timeline, and information on various players involved in the case.

Now just before Misty Croslin faces a judge in Putnam County Florida, to learn her fate for drug trafficking in that jurisdiction, we learn that the sentencing has been delayed for 3 months. Croslin faces basically the rest of her life in prison.

Why the delay?

In my opinion, Croslin has given investigators new information in the case and authorities need time to make sure the information she has given them is correct before they give her a deal.

Croslin most likely talked, because she knew that there was no way she could get out of prison on those drug trafficking charges.

Moreover, I also think that the strategy of the state attorney was to play Misty Croslin and Ronald Cummings against each other. Give Ronald a deal, pressure him to give up information, and get Misty Croslin nervous about what he is giving up, in order to get her to talk.

We know that after Ron gave new information to investigators, that Misty Croslin had to be put on suicide watch after a brutal interrogation.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who Croslin is covering for. Not her idiotic brother Tommy Croslin or her Tennessee cousin Joe Overstreet, but her statutory rapist --- Ronald Cummings.

Remember that Croslin was only 16 when she moved in with Ronald Cummings who was in his mid twenties. What would Ronald Cummings want with a 16-year-old girl? Well obviously he likes his girl young, so he can easily control them. All of his ex girlfriends have horror stories of him and his intimidation tactics.

Major Gary Bowling also told the Florida Times Union that Cummings was uncooperative with investigators and resisted being questioned. Chelsea Croslin also said on my show that Ronald advised Misty Croslin not to speak to the police. Cummings also told a Nancy Grace producer that police complained that he was keeping Croslin under his wing.

That doesn't exactly sound like someone who is trying to find his missing daughter. It smells like someone who is trying to control his teenage wife/girlfriend so she will not tell what she knows.

I think the tactic by investigators to separate the two, play the two against each other, to get Misty talked has worked...

Ronald Cummings should be VERY nervous right now about what Misty Croslin is saying now...


  1. If he ever has the opportunity, he will kill Misty for talking. I have never been part of the "Poor Ronald" group; he reminds me too much of a guy I dated for a few months, way back in the day. While I am not convinced he did something to Haleigh, I am convinced he is the scum of the pond.

  2. Levi, how do we know Misty was the last person to see Haleigh alive? Was Misty even there when Haleigh died and was disposed of? How do
    WE know it wasn't Teresa Neves? Because they 'said so'? Haven't we learned we can't believe a word 'they' say? WHO made a mad dash to clean the MH making it spotless of any criminal evidence by the time LE got there? Frantic, panic, doped up, dumb little Misty? Are you SURE?

    You ARE aware, right? That the first call to LE was made at 2:13 a.m. on 02/09, reporting Haleigh missing and NOT at 3:27 a.m. Who made that earlier call and to WHOM? The LE person taking that call quietly sent Offcr Bridiges to the MH to investigate. Why was no all out search for Haleigh started THEN; why did LE sit back and wait for the 3:27 a.m. emerg call, giving whoever made that call plenty of time to get their ducks in a row and their stories straight?

    What was going on during that time between 2:13 and 3:27 a.m. while someone was covering their dirty tracks? Now just WHO was that? Are you SURE it was dumb little Misty? Hasn't Teresa Neves been a lying snake in the grass all this time? Whose to say T/N wasn't the LAST person to see Haleigh alive? ...ummm? Why have HER lies never been investigated?

    Who can believe a word Ronald Cummings says about a 'timeline' 19mos later when all he has EVER done is lie and cover up? Wouldn't it be reasonable to KNOW that he will continue to lie and cover up? Oh, I could go on and on, but the obvious is that Ronald Cummings and Teresa Neves are at least as much a suspect as Misty Croslin, IF NOT MORE SO... See?

  3. It crossed my mind.....OK- Ron makes a deal and/or tells something of interest re:'s varified true (we, the public just are not aware of what that is or may be)He then agrees to testify in future trials against Misty / anyone, in exchange for a lighter jail sent. (and possibly, immunity from prosocution so long as he cooperates?) NOW, we have M sentences to 25 yrs...No way she wants to try her chances in Putnam...Ron has already struck a deal and can't be prosocuted in HaLeighs case.....It's ok now for Misty to strike her deal, she will give it all up, including where HaLeigh is, so long as she receives immunity....? She explains how it was done (however that maybe) by Ronald...etc...etc...Case closed, both got immunity, and HaLeigh's found...Im not saying that is how it is, Im just expressing a thought....

  4. Levi, I think you are right on with this assessment.

    Wonder what Nancy Grace will think when she realizes she was so wrong about her dear Ronald?

  5. My main thoughts on this are the same as Levis. There is something going on with LE and Misty since she got that 25 year sentence. Misty has been singing like a nightingale because she has nothing to loose now. I used to think when Haleigh first went missing that Ron wasn't involved,but in recent months I have changed my mind on that one. Ron is the one Misty's been covering for all this time and Ron is the one who knows exactly what happened when that poor child went missing.
    I don't personally know Ron or Misty but I do know a cousin of Ron's who has told me he is nothing but a layabout drug dealer who uses people. Ron is a Mommy's boy,so I hear the point anon has put forward regarding the possible involvement of Teresa Neves.
    Some parents will do anything to cover up for their kids when they are in the wrong. Yes some will even help to cover up a crime their child has committed. For a good example of that you only have to look at Casey Anthony's mother Cindy. The things that mother has done and said to cover up the fact her daughter is most probably a murderer is astounding.
    With Misty its not that I think poor little Misty shes scared of Ron and didnt realize what she had got herself involved with. Misty made her own choices and that girl is street savvy enough to dodge and dive. I don't buy the poor little red riding hood description of Misty that Chelsea Crosslin has been trying to put across on tv.
    Ron used Misty and deep down I think Misty knew this but carried on with him because it was somewhere to live away from her train rec parents,she was able to get enough drugs because Ron was a dealer,the children junior and Haleigh loved her the way children do with innocence and Misty seems a very needy person who just hasn't been loved by her family the way she should have.
    I hope Misty is going to tell the truth of all she knows finally and I bet that Ron features very much in the truth of what happened to Haleigh.
    I would love to know what Ron told LE to get the 15 year deal for himself. Hes nothing but a sneaky rat.

  6. I too always thought Ronald was involved in what happened to Haleigh and I always wanted to call LE and tell them to look under the tent in which Ronald erected outside of the house. Maybe he put up the tent so he could stay in the "know". Just my thoughts.

  7. I think you are right on I have always suspected Ronald cummings was somehow involved b/c he called her phone too many times that night not to. He stayed at work to put an alibi in place and the sweet girl was dead before he left for work I think and they have no way to prove it b/c they have no body. Tommy may not even know the truth he thinks Misty did it probably and so for him he is covering for her and meanwhile she turned on him instead of her abuser and molestor Ronald cummings and my understanding is he was abusive towards this little girl and being a drug addict he could have molested her too and the hiding under the blanket Misty did was probably when he was doing his dirty deed and she was injured so he had to use misty to cover for him that is my guess

  8. Misty Croslin = Insecurity, desperate to love and be loved, weakminded, hungry for an authortive to please. Unschooled. Exposed to drug sales, and the environment that goes along with it. Born to dumb, druggie parents who exampled, or taught her to scheme, cheat, lie and steal to survive. Embarrased, abused, mentally, physically, sexually, by adults and family. Role played the child and adult with Ronald Cummings. Her Master, and Controller. He financed her personal needs, bought her things that a father would for a child. She role played the wife and mother eager to please Ronald the abuser! She was seeking comfort and was lost, just doing what she was taught to do, by her examples, just trying to please her Druggie Devil Boyfriend and his family. = 25 yrs + God Have Mercy and pray that Misty reveals what she knows...God Bless You Haleigh!

  9. Anon - I really like your theory of Theresa Neves. It totally makes sense since clearly, with all the stories out there, someone was involved that has alot of clout within the family and she fits the bill perfectly. I thought it was weird that the gma teresa was supportive regarding misty and she also kept a low profile in the news. I'm beginning to think tommy wasn't involved at all.


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